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Ironstor products are manufactured from high grade 1mm cold rolled steel, finished in a gloss or matt powder paint coating (RAL colour) all manufactured in our Staffordshire manufacturing facility.

Ironstor shelving upright supports are formed to give a slick and uniform finish offering a 20mm double skin design. All uprights allow for a 25mm increment adjustment of shelving components such as shelves, drawers, filing cradles and many more accessories.


All Ironstor shelves are designed with a double bend fold to the front and rear shelf flange to prevent any retrieval damage to stored items. All shelves are designed with a 30mm shelf flange and are individually adjustable on 25mm increments without the use of any tools.


Each shelf is individually supported and individually adjustable on 4 x shelf clips which are quick and easy to adjust by hand enabling maximum flexibility and future changes to the system.

IMG_6035 low res.jpg

Shelving unit heights can be selected from height ranges between 600mm high to a maximum of 3000mm high. All height ranges can be selected in increments of 25mm, giving a diverse and precise range of heights enabling maximum storage potential.

Shelving unit depths (front to back dimension) range from 150mm – 600mm at 25mm increments for all sizes in between.

Shelving unit widths (left to right dimension) range from 500mm – 1200mm at 25mm increments for all sizes in between.


All Ironstor shelving units are designed to give a maximum bay storage weight of 750kg’s, and UDL individual shelf loadings up to 125kg’s. Greater shelf UDL loadings can be achieved by using the Ironshelf re-enforced shelf range which will allow for individual shelf loadings up to 175kg’s.

Ironstor units impose typical loads of 3KN/m2  which makes them ideal for most floor structures within the home.

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